Artist feature - Rob Bridges Dec 20 2015

새 아티스트

We are very happy to have the very talented Rob Bridges joining our Advocate Art family.

The sophisticated choice in colour palette, a balance in texture and composition and the unique

traditional feel of his illustrations are a splendid choice for 0-5 children's books. We are looking

forward to seeing more of his exciting art! Don't miss Rob's terrific portfolio on Advocate Art's website.

"Most of my childhood was spent in Southern California. My family and I now live in Kentucky.

When I was a young boy my school was short on funding for proper textbooks, so our primers were photocopied and made by hand. I didn’t care much for reading at the time. To get me interested in my textbooks my father drew pictures of Disney characters on the end pages of these primers. The drawings caught my imagination and I became obsessed with them. I didn’t take to my lessons but rather I badgered my father to draw me more pictures. After a while he told me that if I wanted more, I would have to draw them myself. And so began my career.

My work is influenced by childhood memories and stories. I actually work in 2 different styles, a more classic, fairy tale, Beatrix potter, Brother Grimm vein and a mid century, Richard Scarry-ish vibe.

When I think of my work I think of them a little tableaus. They are scenes ripped from a larger story being played out and are very narrative. I like to think of my single panel illustrations as torn pages from an old storybook found on the floor in someone’s dusty attic. You don’t have the full story but your interest is piqued.

Since my father had introduced me to drawing I spent all my childhood making my own books and drawings. Ultimately I set off for Seattle, Washington where I enrolled at Cornish College of The Arts. My desire now was to become a painter. Upon my entrance interview with the dean of the art department, he suggested I look into the illustration department. I didn’t feel that illustration was “real art” and I moved into the art department. And now years later here I am, illustrating and very passionate about it."