Artist feature – Julien Canavezes Mar 22 2017

새 아티스트

Here at Advocate, we love discovering and adding new artists to our roster - and Julien Canavezes is the latest addition to the Advocate family! His humorous and colorful characters (particularly his monsters) make him great for the 5 years to young adult age range. To see more of his exciting work, please visit his portfolio.

"My name is Julien Canavezes - I’m originally from Paris but now I live in Bordeaux. I was born in 1982, on March 23rd.

I've been a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 2006 for communication, advertising and also publishing. I've won a few awards for my work : the one show Pencil, the New York Festivals and also a lot of publications; namely the  200 best illustrators, Ultimate Illustration, Source Book of Contemporary Illustration, Pictoplasma, AI-AP, etc.

Before becoming a graphic designer and illustrator I’ studied at Lisaa (L’institut des arts appliqué) in Paris and Intuit/Lab, which is also in Paris. I've always wanted to be an illustrator, when I was a little boy I drew on the wall of my house (my mother was very happy...). Walt Disney (The Jungle Book) was a big source of inspiration, even today it remains one of my favorite films.

My illustration is for young people and adults - I love to draw little monsters and people, I love adding textures and a lot of color. I’m a digital illustrator - I work on a computer with Photoshop and Illustrator on my tablet (a Wacom Cintiq).

I work with the best !!! Yes the best my cat (Nuage) - he helps me sometimes (when he doesn’t sleep or eat...). He’s a great cat really.

Additional details :

I love working while listening to music : pop/rock and sometimes metal (haha), I love bicycle (custom cruiser), I love movies and going to the cinema, and traveling! My latest journeys were to Thailand, Berlin, Portugal,  and NYC."