Throwback Thursday! Lynn Horrabin Nov 30 2018

Meet the artists

Throwback Thursday is back once again, and this week's feature is Advocate's talented illustrator, Lynn Horrabin. Lynn has been represented by the agency since 2006, and it's been a real treat for us to see her evolve as an artist. Lynn's contemporary drawing style, vibrant colours and delicate compositions have allowed her to become one of our top Art Licensing artists, with her designs branching out into Greetings Cards, Art for Posters and Print and Ceramics. Lynn's designs are suitable for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding cards and much more!

Having been with Advocate Art for so long, we asked Lynn to tell us about what it was like when she first joined, and what her first memories were. Have a read through our Q&A below, and scroll through the images. You can see more of Lynn's beautiful illustrations via her online portfolio. If you think Lynn would be perfect for an upcoming potential greetings card range, or any other project, be sure to reach out to one of our illustration agents!

1) First Image you sent to Advocate, and was there a story behind it?
It was a long long time ago when I sent my very first designs in. I originally sent seven speculative pieces and I was very relieved, and slightly surprised when nearly all of them were sold.

2) First design of yours to sell - what design was it and who was it to?
It was two of these original seven designs that a lovely agent called Amy sold to Hallmark.

3) First live commission from a client; who was the client and what was the project?
If I remember correctly my first live commission was a cute range featuring a little bear and his friend the bunny.

4) First time you knew you wanted to be an Illustrator - an image, a person, an exhibition etc..?
I think I was always going to do something arty when I grew up. Right from nursery school I couldn't wait to get my dad's old painting shirt on and mess around with paints. It was getting a job as a studio junior at a local greeting card company that helped make it happen.

5) First Sample you received with your designs on - do you have a picture of it and tell us about the project..
My first printed samples I actually found when I was out shopping. I bought them and I still have them, though they are quite faded by now.

6) First time you were proud of a piece of artwork, what was it and why?
My proudest point was probably when Sainsbury’s chose one of my speculative pieces for a range of mugs, coasters and trays. I think probably because it was something totally different for me. There may have been a sales peak of those mugs in the West Yorkshire area because my mum kept buying them for all her friends.

7) Back to the Present - what are you working on now?
I'm trying to branch out with a few different styles. Florals will always probably be my favourites, but I'll keep trying to experiment with new ideas.

Lynn Horrabin was founded by our team of illustration agents, based at our UK and USA Illustration Agency. If you'd like to work with any of our illustrators for an upcoming project you have, get in touch with one of our agents.