Fire! Andrea Rossetto to the Rescue! Apr 29 2021

Samples and spotted

Fire! Firefighters to the rescue! 

Our clients and also friends in Educa Borrás must have thought so when they contacted us to refresh the image of an old and successful board game they wanted to relaunch in the middle of this board game revival we are living at the moment.

And our lovely, funny and professional represented artists, Andrea Rossetto, as if he were also a brave fireman, jumped in to help a customer in distress. He re-illustrated all the game assets with his funny characteristic style and the result is a great update and enhancement of an old product. And only for the price of a handful of illustrations!

Andrea has just received his artist sample at home in Italy and he says: 

I do love it! The cover has a good impact, with the big beautiful characters that make it very funny.

The printing of the colors is good and the designs of the tokens look good, with the right number of details.
Now I have to play it and see if it is also good as a game! But I'm sure it will be!!! My sons are really happy with it!

Do you want to give a facelift to that product that was once a hit but now looks a bit outdated? At Advocate we have the best children's illustrators to modernise that toy/game that was and will be a bestseller, and is just waiting to be put back in value. And with the help of our studio inhouse, Collaborate Agency, we can go beyond mere illustration and offer you animation services, app development, etc. Making that game of the 20th century an essential of the 21st century. Just contact us!