Meet Our EU & Latin American Manager Adolfo Sánchez Flores May 16 2022

Meet the agents

Adolfo Sánchez Flores is our EU and Latin American sales manager, leading our Spanish office for over 5 years. Here, we speak to Adolfo about his role at Advocate Art Sociedad Limitada, his passions, and role in the arts community in Spain.

Having graduated from Murcia University in Spain with a degree in Art History and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Valencia University, he has been working in different and varied roles in the cultural sector in Spain - for example as an art-handler, curator, art advisor...Currently he balances his job as senior EU agent for Advocate with collaborations as an independent curator in different contemporary art projects and as a cultural consultant for the local government of Marbella, the city in which he has been living the past years. He is fluent in Spanish and English, and he has some knowledge of Italian, Catalan, Portuguese as well as a good command of simple conversations in German and Russian!

Why did you become an Illustration agent?

I had been working in some art galleries in Costa del Sol and at the right moment an offer from Advocate Art as an agent for illustrators crossed my path, and I didn't think twice about it. It was just the job I liked to do: selling creative resources and being in the middle of the end client and the artist.

In this case I went from private collectors to B2B for companies that need creative resources such as illustrations and illustration. And I don’t regret it at all. It’s a pleasure helping people and companies with our amazing artists’ art.

What do you love most about the role?

Without a doubt my favourite thing is socialising with both artists and clients, meeting them both online and in person all over the world. And keeping up to date with creative and publishing trends. It’s an amazing job actually!

What do you hope to accomplish here at Advocate?

It is a very big aspiration (sorry for that!), but what I would like to see is that both the publishing sector and other sectors like for example licensing-type were able to catch up or even surpass competitors in their immediate environment by multiplying their possibilities of access to artists and creative resources of all kinds and from all parts of the world. Making Spanish and Latin American clients more attractive and competitive thanks to the art of our artists. 

What have you been up to recently?

Well I have been helping to illustrate lots and lots of textbooks, as the education law has just changed in Spain and all our education clients are renewing their entire curriculums. I've worked for the big ones, and the not so big ones, in all levels of subjects. Our artists help make their textbooks something the students won't forget. They bring visual life to the subject matter and the design in particular.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to travel, travel, travel, and also travel… And in the meantime I love socialising, and enjoying everything related to culture, art and discovering the various gastronomies of the world.

Commissions, queries or just want to say hello? Get in touch with me here: [email protected]