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에린 브라운 (Erin Brown)

에린 브라운 (Erin Brown)

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Turning her passion of drawing into a career has been a dream for Erin. She first started drawing seriously in her early teens and it’s been all she wanted to do since. She‘s always had a huge interest in Chinese Brush Painting, particularly of flora and fauna. She loves the work of artists like Ralph Steadman and Quentin Blake; she finds herself drawn to inky, colourful art! She works with highly pigmented inks and watercolour paints. The ability to blend colours together and splash a page with intensely coloured paint strokes is a key part of all of hers work. She has a number of softcover sketchbooks, which she uses to experiment, sketch interesting flowers, glue in scraps from magazines that have interested her, collect ideas and make notes. She uses large pads of cartridge paper to practice and play about with compositions before painting final pieces on thick hot-pressed watercolour paper. Erin works in her compact home studio, where she desperately tries to avoid spilling ink on the carpet. Having everything to hand is very important to her; She works quite spontaneously so being able to reach for whatever ink, brush or paper she needs saves time and helps her creativity flow! Erin describes her style as colourful and bold. She loves working with bright paints and messy brushstrokes, which she believes adds a sense of fluidity and spontaneity to her work. She likes when not every line is drawn, when not every part is there. She thinks the feeling you get from a piece of art is more important than how accurately the subject is represented. She feels very happy when working, and hopes that is conveyed through her art. 자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artist Feature - Erin Brown

Nov 25 2015

My name is Erin Brown, I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1990. I spent my childhood pouring over