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유지니아 노바티 (Eugenia Nobati)

유지니아 노바티 (Eugenia Nobati)

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Eugenia Nobati was born in 1968, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she still lives with her family, two cats and a dog. Started as a Graphic Designer in 1990, but in 1997, she decided to dedicate her time exclusively to illustration, mostly to children's books. Eugenia has worked with all kinds of stuff, from postage stamps to packaging to character designs for animation, always in her own style. Over the years, her work has been published in nine countries and more than forty books. She was selected among 16 illustrators, representing Argentina in Bratislava's Bienal 2012. In 2014, she was recognised by ALIJA, Argentina's section of IBBY, for the best illustrated book.자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artist feature - Eugenia Nobati

Jun 01 2016

Here at Advocate we're over the moon to have recently signed artist Eugenia Nobati! Eugenia's work spans over a wide