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지오반나 메데이로스 (Giovana Medeiros)

지오반나 메데이로스 (Giovana Medeiros)

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Giovana was born in the late 1980s in Criciuma, a city in the south of Brazil. She graduated in Fashion Design in her hometown, but later on pursued her dream and studied Illustration at BCFE in Dublin, where she lived for three years. She worked for several years creating print designs for apparel, but since 2011 has been dedicating herself to becoming a full time illustrator. Although her work is mostly focused on the children’s universe, it has also been applied to a series of different mediums such as books, magazines, textiles, games, apps etc. Aside from her work as an illustrator, she dedicates her free time towards creating autobiographical comics, discovering new recipes, drinking coffee and travelling.자기소개서 전문 보기

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