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Helder Oliveira

Helder Oliveira

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Helder Oliveira is a self-taught illustrator from the Amazonian region of Brazil. His passion for children’s storytelling combined with his interest in the whimsical creates inspiring and cozy handmade-like pieces. Although he earned his degree in Physiotherapy, he decided to shift careers to illustration in 2017. Since then, Helder has worked for clients all over the globe, including HarperCollins, and has one published picture book in Brazil. He finds inspiration in myths, history, and nature. All his work is made digitally, yet he keeps a secret sketchbook for ideas. He loves to work on projects where he can experiment with colors, feelings, characters, and shapes. He likes to travel and his favorite place in the world is New Zealand.자기소개서 전문 보기

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Jul 17 2023