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조퀸 캠프 (Joaquin Camp)

조퀸 캠프 (Joaquin Camp)

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Joaquín Camp, (Buenos Aires, 1987) is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. His illustrations have featured in a number of forms, ranging from printed-paper and magazines to animations. Some of his clients were La Nación newspaper, La Marca Editora, Latinlab and Little Bee Books, among others. He was a professor at the University of Buenos Aires for some years in the field Illustration of the Roldán Chair at FADU. Currently he teaches workshops on children's illustration in Moebius space. He is also co-founder of Coquín, a venture dedicated to the creation of self-irrigation pots and aims to bring the green space to small places. 자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artista destacado - Joaquin Camp

Apr 05 2017

Wow! Newly signed artist Joaquin Camp joins us at Advocate and brings his captivating and inspiring work to the table!