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리지 워크레이 (Lizzie Walkley)

리지 워크레이 (Lizzie Walkley)

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Lizzie graduated with a degree in illustration in 2004 and has been lucky enough to have had a career as an illustrator ever since. Working in-house for greeting card companies for 10 years has taught her to be adaptable in style as well as the importance of sticking to briefs and working to tight deadlines. Since going freelance and joining Advocate in 2014, Lizzie has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects, from children's book and greetings card illustration to toy designing. She is hard working, reliable and endeavours to communicate at all stages of the brief. She works from her home studio in Gloucestershire and has a nice man and a little girl.자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artist review - Lizzie Walkley

Jan 22 2020

Currently ranked as one of our Top 10 artists, Lizzie Walkley is a favourite across all of our publishing clients! Lizzie graduated with an illustration degree back