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Lucia Gomez Alcaide

Lucia Gomez Alcaide

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Lettering Artist and Illustrator based in Málaga (Spain), I grew up surrounded by a family who loved art, so my interest for drawing started early. I studied an Advertising and Public Relations Degree and a Masters Degree on Graphic Design and Printing. I found the world of typography and lettering out and decided to keep practicing until being a professional of that. Nowadays, I love to draw powerful and ironic messages that make people laugh, and use bright colors no matter the technique: digital, markers or acrylics. I’ve been lucky enough to have my work published in some international publications like Geek Art Book, Graffica and other important magazines. When I’m not creating, I spend time with my family (kitten, doggy and boyfriend) or friends, enjoying a walk, watching movies or cooking. I think I’d have tried to be a chef if I wasn’t an artist자기소개서 전문 보기

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Sep 16 2022