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마리나 페레즈 루케 (Marina Pérez Luque)

마리나 페레즈 루케 (Marina Pérez Luque)

My name is Marina Pérez, a Spanish illustrator. Drawing was one of my favourite hobbies when I was a child,so when I grew up I studied a degree in Fine Arts in the city of Granada. Since then, I've been learning and improving children's illustration. I have worked mainly with publishers and whenever I can I collaborate in charitable projects. I think it's important to carry values through the illustration to children, for that reason, I try to reflect them in my work. I like to show kids who are brave and kind, who enjoy nature and respect animals. Also, I like to include diversity within my drawings, show them different realities so they can respect them. I would like that children enjoy my work as much as I do.자기소개서 전문 보기

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New signed artist - Marina Perez Luque

Sep 30 2019

New signing alert! We are thrilled to announce that Advocate Art now represent talented artist, Marina Perez Luque!If you'd like to