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Mat Edwards

Mat Edwards

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Sponge-like, commercial artist Mat Edwards draws inspiration from the things he sees in daily life. Immersed in his art with his brain “always ticking over”, in his words, or “away with the fairies”, according to his wife, he can create everything from the thoroughly modern to would-have-sworn-it-was-vintage style designs, with the power of precision and repetition as key to the appeal of his works.   From the Potteries, he has been passionate about art since childhood, and counts artists such as Chris Foss, Tim White and Rodney Mathews amongst his early inspirations. Such was Mat’s talent at school that he won a four-year apprenticeship with Johnson Mattheys, where he learned at the feet of some tremendously skilled artists such as map makers and engravers. While his talent and eye for detail is a constant, his technique has evolved from using purely traditional materials such as pencils, gouache, stretching paper to using almost all-digital methods – creating works just as before, but without, he says, the clutter ….. after all it is all just “well arranged blobs of paint or pixels자기소개서 전문 보기

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May 22 2015