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Patrick Brooks

Patrick Brooks

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Patrick S. Brooks is an illustrator and writer based in Yorkshire, UK. Graduated in Fine Art, he primarily works digitally using Photoshop. He tries to create an ethereal and dreamlike feel to many of his scenes and uses different techniques. He uses scanned image textures of paint, pastel, canvas and other media, and builds up illustrations with layers. By assigning textures to custom brushes, he tries to achieve a traditional pastel feel to his work. Through using layer blending modes such as screen, overlay and multiply, he alters transparency to experiment with different texture and digital effects. As a writer, Patrick also enjoys including narratives into his scenes and creating new characters. Currently he is in the process of developing two original picture book concepts. To date he has worked with publishers in South Korea, America, Australia and UK자기소개서 전문 보기

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Jan 26 2021