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앤젤리카 스쿠다모어 (Angelika Scudamore)

앤젤리카 스쿠다모어 (Angelika Scudamore)

Angelika is based in South London. She always loved drawing and her earliest memory is drawing with her dad. She was obsessed with Beatrix Potter with her beautiful illustrations of cute fluffy bunnies and animals as a child. Ever since Angelika can remember herself, she always wanted to have the exact studio Beatrix had with her bunny sitting on her desk! Everywhere she goes she carries around a sketchbook and jots down every idea that comes to my head. Before she became an illustrator she taught yoga to young children, making up innovative stories through yoga. This was what later inspired Angelika to illustrate children’s books. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city and stopping off at small coffee shops, where she gathers most inspiration from the people and atmosphere. Angelika loves creating cute, fun characters. 자기소개서 전문 보기

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