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Thanos Tsilis

Thanos Tsilis

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Thanos Tsilis was born in June 14, 1977 in Athens, Greece where he was also raised. Since 2016 he has lived in Athens, Greece and Nicosia, Cyprus, as he moves too often from one place to the other. He studied and graduated as a graphic artist initially but his passion for drawing things led him into classes again for 3 more years, this time studying illustration and 2d animation. Starting a career in 2002 as a freelancer in a small country forced Thanos to become quite versatile in order to have jobs coming in. In the past he has done realistic illustrations, cartoon illustrations, he has worked as a 2d animator, as a game artist, advertising artist, and of course as a children’s book illustrator which he likes the most. He personally loves to draw stylized characters semi-realistic with a cartoony sense of exaggeration, classic buildings, cities and historical themes. He loves to make children’s book art from 5+ to young adults colored or black and white and he has a flare for history. Thanos’ art represents a good knowledge of the fundamentals of art. Structure, anatomy, perspective and color theory is what he believes that an artist must keep exercising during all of his/her career. “Fashion comes and goes, styles can be developed, but if you don’t have a strong grip of the fundamentals as an artist you are sooner or later doomed자기소개서 전문 보기

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Oct 22 2017