Yulia Gorkina

Yulia Gorkina

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Yulia is a color addict, passionate sketchbook dabbler, picture book nerd, bike fan, and a camping enthusiast. And above all, an illustrator! She recently joined Advocate Art and is excited about new projects! She draws and paints both traditionally and digitally, creates collages and mixed-media pieces. All these tools and persistence help her create the right feeling for every illustration. Her creative skills combine with a love for the exact sciences (yay, physics, and math) and strong work ethics. In 2009 she moved to Belgium following the smell of chocolate and waffles. There she discovered the world of picture books and children’s illustration and never looked back. In her little studio, she creates playful and bright illustrations inspired by her two boys, nature, travel, friends, and dreams about a world where people smile more, feeling loved and warm자기소개서 전문 보기

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Apr 21 2022