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Lena Addink

Lena Addink

I am busy for 5 months please book me in.
Lena Addink is an artist and illustrator, based in the Netherlands, focusing on children's publishing and art made for products. Her work is infused with a passion for fantastical adventures and inspired by the beauty of nature, thoughts, and dreams. Lena's illustrations are rich in detail, texture, and color, creating immersive and enchanting scenes that draw viewers into their own narrative. She often incorporates hand-lettering and decorative embellishments into her illustrations, adding an extra layer of visual interest to her work. Using a combination of gouache, ink, and Procreate, Lena's illustrations retain a painterly look, adding depth and emotion to her characters and scenes. Her work often features a touch of spookiness, as well as elements of mid- century era aesthetics, creating a unique blend of enchantment and mystery.View Full Bio

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Sep 01 2023

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