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Lucy Barnard

Lucy Barnard

I am busy for 4 months, please book me in.
Lucy is from Cheltenham but now lives in Manchester with her husband and two children. After completing her art foundation course in Cheltenham and her illustration degree in Exeter she worked at various publishing companies in London before joining Advocate Art as a freelance illustrator. She worked for many years with acrylic paint and pencils but has recently adapted her illustration style and now works digitally. As well as illustrating for others she also writes and illustrates her own stories, quite often inspired by her children.View Full Bio

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Chases away the virus!

Nov 30 2020

One of our best European clients, the lovely toy company Headu in Italy, is always on the crest of the wave. And this time they nailed it with that 5-10 Y/O funny card game in which the children have to avoid contacting the virus and for that they have to