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Lwillys Tafur

Lwillys Tafur

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Lwillys was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. He has always been interested in children's illustration. As a child, he was inspired by 90’s animated tv shows and influenced by the colour of the city he was born in and its Carnival. This is the reason why his work has such a distinctly colourful nature. Children's books and telling stories are his real passion. Lwillys works mainly digitally but never forgets his sketchbook. He has collaborated with clients such us; Nick Jr, Ediciones Pichoncito (Perú), Editorial Planeta (Colombia), Storytime Magazine(UK), and many others. When he is not working he enjoys setting out on adventures at the beach or the river with his son Nathan, his biggest inspiration. He loves cooking, watching movies or just taking adventures in small towns where he lives with his wife Palito and his dog Martina.View Full Bio

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Artist Feature - Lwillys Tafur

Sep 13 2022

This month we at Advocate are excited to highlight Lwillys Tafur. Though he has only been with us for less