Malu Lenzi

Malu Lenzi

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Born in the countryside of Brazil in 1982, Malu used to spend every vacation in Rio de Janeiro, visiting more museums and paper shops than beaches. Which probably explains her love for travelling and Art. After some travels, she‘s currently living in Berlin. “Although I could move right now to the seaside.” She has worked on many different creative jobs, but on her 30s she decided to be THE creative and become a self-taught Illustrator. If she didn‘t, she‘d be a bunny and have a paper shop. (no idea how...) Malu is sort of Cute Maker. She wants to make people feel happy, playful and loved in a cute world. She thinks her inspiration comes from her inner child, the 50’s and Scandinavian Design. Alice in Wonderland is her curious way of thinking. Her artwork is a mix of hand drawing lines, cute characters and digital colours – “3 happy acorns” is her favourite joyful combination. When she‘s not cuddling her old cat or drawing while listening jazz, Malu likes to walk around watching peopleView Full Bio

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