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Marianna Lokshina

Marianna Lokshina

I'm available! I'd love to hear about your project.
In school years, Marianna painted still lifes in her spare time and played the violin. She received her first photography lessons at the age of 16. After graduating from college with a degree in "head of a photo studio" and the People's University of Art, she worked in many directions: in a photo studio shooting portraits, reporting for magazines, taught the basics of photography to children and retouching in college. 26 years ago, having accidentally got into the publishing house of greeting cards, she has been honing her skills in this direction all this time. Her photographs are used by numerous companies around the world to produce calendars, postcards, posters, diamond mosaics, paintings by numbers, packaging products and much more. Still life attracts full control over the creative process and the embodiment of the artistic idea. The unpredictability of the play of light and shadow on different textures, the main thing that spurs her interest in work. Fascination for still life is a passion that takes up all free time. For her, photography is a job, a hobby and an opportunity to bring joy to peopleView Full Bio

Latest Updates

Paint by numbers with Marianna Lokshina

Dec 09 2021

At Advocate Art SL, we are really excited about our latest collaboration with Vigilante s.r.o., a Czech company working on bringing beautiful images to the public via a paint by numbers format.