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Marianna Lokshina

Marianna Lokshina

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Marianna was born in Moscow. Her dad was a keen photographer and encouraged her to try it out from an early age. When Marianna was just 16, he organised for her to take lessons from a professional photographer. She studied Photography in Moscow Polytechnic College and, later on, went to study Photography at the University of Arts. After she graduated, Marianna embraced every aspect of being a photographer – from working in a studio and dabbing in portrait photography to photojournalism, to teaching basics of photography and retouching at a local college. She’s been a member of Russian Photo Artist Union since 2000. Marianna works in her studio in Moscow and for the last 20 years, she specialised in still life photography. She finds an unending source of inspiration in the works of 17th century Flemish painters and is fascinated by the play of light and shadow on different textures. Marianna is well known in Russian Greeting card industry and nearly every major publisher has published her artwork. In addition to greeting card industry, Marianna is renown for beautiful calendars with her work that are published every year. She sees photography as her work, hobby and just generally an integral part of her life, and is happy when it brings other people delight and joyView Full Bio

Latest Updates

Paint by numbers with Marianna Lokshina

Dec 09 2021

At Advocate Art SL, we are really excited about our latest collaboration with Vigilante s.r.o., a Czech company working on bringing beautiful images to the public via a paint by numbers format.