Mirja Paljakka

Mirja Paljakka

Mirja is a Finnish fine art photographer, living and working in the small countryside town Ylojarvi. Photographing is to her like being a “playing child” and daily adventurer. Or more, it‘s her biggest love and one reason for that it is also her father‘s hobby from before she was born which is quite long ago. But when Mirja‘s photographing, there are no ages/years, her heart is be younger year after year, and she‘s sure she‘ll photograph even more when she gets older . She‘s an addict of natural light. Her camera is her third eye and with it she tries to catch vivid lights and glorious colours from small items. Mirja finds it very interesting to look a little closer and find new colour combinations with impressionistic feelings. Flowers, gardens, blossoming trees, ice and man-made materials and of course her family, inspires and fascinates her a lot. She tries to capture this in her photographic work. For her, photography is also an ongoing passionate and creative journey which teaches always something new. Mirja‘s motto is “life needs more colour, joyful smiles and touch!” That‘s why she finds art licensing exceedingly interesting field, allowing her to see her photos on dally life objectsView Full Bio

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Artist Feature - Mirja Paljakka

Jan 27 2015

Our artist feature today is one of amazing photographers, Mirja Paljakka! Mirja's soft but sophisticated approach is accentuated by her