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Mona Meslier Menuau

Mona Meslier Menuau

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Mona Meslier is an illustrator based in the West part of France. She mainly works on children’s literature and educational works and her artwork has been published all over the world. While carefully creating dream-like, joyful, and comforting universes, Mona also tries to change the view of old fairytales and folklore, adding inclusivity and empathy. Mona always puts sensibility and emotional security at the heart of her work. She has a peculiar talent for transpiring quiet emotions such as grief and sorrow, but also self-love and comfort, with color palettes that are appealing to children. In 2022, she was awarded an artistic commission for a French university hospital, in which she created a large-scale mural for the children's medicine and surgery department. She also works in visual communication, especially for cultural institutions, structures, and events such as musicians, music festivals, and theaters. She lives with her son and her fiance near the sea, where she draws inspiration from the smallest of seashells and the biggest of whales, using nature as her center of gravity and creativity. View Full Bio

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