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Natalia Juan Abello

Natalia Juan Abello

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Natàlia Juan Abelló was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. In 2012 she graduated with a degree in fashion and textile design. She moved to the UK in 2013 and worked as an in-house pattern designer for 5 years. Natàlia found her passion in illustration and started freelancing in 2018, specializing in children’s illustrations. Natàlia has loved drawing ever since she could remember. As a child, her favorite characters were anthropomorphic animals, and as a teenager, she loved watching anime and Studio Ghibli films. These have all inspired and influenced her work in different ways. Natàlia creates uplifting images that are both comforting and playful, sometimes with a hint of magic. She believes illustration is about storytelling and loves to explore this not just in her picture books but in textiles, greeting cards, toys, and package designView Full Bio

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