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Sawyer Cloud

Sawyer Cloud

I am free the later part of the year, please book me in.
Sawyer Cloud is a freelance artist living in Madagascar, her native country. Though she didn’t have the chance to study illustration in a proper art school, she has always been passionate with visual art and learned the illustration industry through personal research and work experience. Thanks to the internet, she managed to build a reputable “online career” and worked remotely on a few books from independent publishers before getting representation from a notorious agency specializing in children’s books. Sawyer loves sunny days and music. If not drawing, she would be singing out loud in her room, wearing her favorite fairy costume and sharing that moment with her “online friends”. Today she still lives on the same island where she grew up, along with her family and her two pets, Arya the dog and Potter the cat. Her dream is to travel and share her stories to the World.View Full Bio

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Celebrating Diverse Characters

Nov 19 2021

We are proudly all different and embrace this in the characters our artists produce. The wolds our artists create are both rich and diverse, bold in design and a version of the society we live in today.