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Sawyer Cloud

Sawyer Cloud

I am free the later part of the year, please book me in.
Sawyer Cloud is a freelance artist living in Madagascar, her native country. Her passion for kids’ literature pushed her to turn it into a living as she just couldn’t consider any other occupation than creating pictures for children. Thus, she learned the publishing industry through books and the amazing World of internet. After working on many independent projects, she managed to build a career as an illustrator, got represented by Advocate Art in 2020 and worked on many titles with most of the major publishers in kids publishing. Sawyer loves sunny days and music. She dreams of owning a small cottage and traveling the world. Today she still lives in Madagascar with her family and her two pets, Arya the dog and Potter the cat.View Full Bio

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I'm Proud of You! by Craig Melvin of the Today show

Jun 10 2024

Heartfelt picture book I'm Proud of You from the Today show co-anchor.