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Sophie Hanton

Sophie Hanton

From a young age Sophie Hanton always had a pencil, crayon, or paintbrush in hand, knowing she would follow a creative path. Sophie graduated with a BA(Hons)Surface Pattern many years ago. After working in a busy design studio for a few years, designing flatwrap, rollwrap, tags, bags, and boxes for the commercial market, she decided to go it alone as freelance. That was around 12 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. Sophie has broad knowledge and experience in widely varying projects. She has illustrated lots of books, designed for toys, puzzles, logos, fabrics, tabletop and for the greetings market. Every brief is a new challenge for her and she always does her best to fulfill it, knowing how lucky she is doing a job about which she is so passionate. She lives in beautiful Cornwall in the UK, and spends her free time swimming in the sea with her boys, when it is warm enough!View Full Bio

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