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Stefanie Schmiedel

Stefanie Schmiedel

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Stefanie started drawing as soon as her chubby hands could hold a crayon, no piece of paper or wall was left blank. Soon she decided decided that she wanted to become an animator. She started working in the biggest animation studio in Germany when she was 17 years old, after finishing her degree in Film and Media Design. For 14 years she worked in the Animation industry as an animator, background painter and supervisor. But after moving from traditional animation to 3D, she began to miss her pencil and paper and found her new passion for illustration. There she can combine her love for traditional media with digital techniques to create expressive characters, fantastical creatures and magical scenes. She currently lives in BirmingSham, UK, with her husband and baby daughter and loves to listen to “The Three Investigators” while she gets her hands dirty with crayons and watercoloursView Full Bio

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Here's to You! Thank you from Advocate Art SL

Nov 13 2020

Here's to You! We would like to take the opportunity to thank you! All our clients, artists and all