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Victor McLindon

Victor McLindon

I'm available! I'd love to hear about your project.
Victor McLindon comes from Bradford, but currently reside in Skipton North Yorkshire – a near perfect small market town. Plenty of raw material for trad Christmas cards close at hand! You could say that Victor is an escapee from the world of advertising where he toiled after leaving Coventry art college. On first going freelance, he laboured without an agent for years before he saw the light! (His words, not ours.) “When I joined Advocate, I suddenly started working on a much better class of project.” Victor still gets a thrill when he sees one of his works on sale in the shopsView Full Bio

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World Leading Christmas Artists !

Jun 09 2021

Our world-leading Christmas artists understand Santa! Whilst we might not imagine Santa being any different from when we were little believers;