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Victoria Nelson

Victoria Nelson

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Victoria is a British illustrator living and working in Italy. Before deciding to become an illustrator she worked for 7 years as a freelance conservator and restorer in the UK. She has had absolutely no formal training as an illustrator, however with some time and patience and a lot of hard work she managed to carve a niche for herself within the craft product and greeting card world. She says that thanks to Advocate she now works frequently for many of the biggest card clients. It's varied and fun work for her and best of all it affords a freedom that is almost impossible in other careers. “I can be anywhere in the whole world!!” And that's why I'm in Italy, she says. In December 2013, on a whim, she packed her backpack and moved over not knowing a single soul. She lived for 6 months in Florence and then moved out to the countryside. She now lives in a 17th Century barn in the Tuscan hills among the wild boar, deer and grape vines. She frequently makes trips back to the UK to touch base with clients and to have a really good look in the shops and generally mooch about to see how fashions and trends are developing. She almost always works in watercolour or gouache and would describe her work as detailed and traditional but with a modern twist. When she works, she is fast and pragmatic. Victoria aims to create designs that are ever evolving and she tries to improve all the time to ensure she‘s providing a high quality, striking product for her clientsView Full Bio

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