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Yayo Kawamura

Yayo Kawamura

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Yayo Kawamura is a Berlin based illustrator with a penchant for clean and minimalist design, infusing her work with a sense of warmth and a dash of humor. She was raised biculturally in Germany and Japan. Stemming from a line of artists, she always felt a connection to the myriad of colors, shapes, and textures around her. Growing up, Japanese fantasy characters and the work of Eric Carle and Tomi Ungerer inspired her to dream up her own mini-worlds. As a professional illustrator, she has completed over 200 projects including international children’s books, quirky character series, and game designs and illustrations. Yayo is especially grateful for the success of Pepe and Milli, which has sold over one million copies worldwide. In her spare time, you can find Yayo in the forest with her dog or daydreaming about owning a little wooden cottage near the seaside.View Full Bio

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