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Alan Lathwell

Alan Lathwell

Alan Lathwell is a freelance illustrator based in the UK. He has had a passion for art for as long as he can remember and it was always his ambition to be an artist. Alan’s paintings have been published around the world as greetings cards, posters, books, CD covers and on many other products. His subjects range from fantasy and mythology to religious imagery and landscapes and he loves the work of the old masters particularly the Pre-Raphaelites who’s work he finds a constant source of inspiration, he is captivated by their use of rich colour, detail and combination of loose and tight brushwork which he tries to emulate in his own paintings. After working exclusively with oil paints for many years he now combines digital and traditional methods to create his artworks and enjoys experimenting with all the possibilities this allows, but whatever medium he uses he always strives to capture the spirit of the subject he is working on. When he is not painting he likes to spend his time on outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, hiking and archery and he has a deep love for the English countryside查看完整简介


Oct 10 2021