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Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright was born in England and now lives in the USA. She is sure that the small toy polar bear she had in her childhood led her to her artistic career. Amy studied Illustration at Central Saint Martins in London and would describe her style as whimsical, fun and cute. She enjoys working with a 0.3mm propelling pencil, paper at first, then she digitalises it, which means she can work anywhere as long as she has her computer. Her favourite piece at the moment is a little dog with a sad face. She likes listening to NPR, BBC World and Tycho (for really crazy deadlines!) In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, travelling and making stuff. If she weren’t an illustrator, she would be on a beach or a mountain. She can’t decide whether she loves the city or the countryside more; she loves them both查看完整简介


Sep 23 2019