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Andrea Haase

Andrea Haase

With an diploma in interior design (which is in Germany more of an engineering degree but something about decorating rooms) I wanted to be more creative. So I went back to what I have loved ever since: making art! At the same time I love traveling and for a while I have tried to do both. After traveling and working in different countries all over the world for almost 10 years, I went back to Germany and spend a couple of years in the exiting city of Berlin. Today I am living and working in a former dairy in the very north of Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. I love nature and the sea and this peaceful area is the perfect place for me. Meanwhile I am working for a lot of companies in the wall art and homeware industry, but very much appreciate the freedom of working independent. My style is versatile because I love to "play" and experiment and combine all kind of different techniques and dictions in my work. So I like to create simple pattern as well as detailed illustrations or typography. Most of my designs can be called „mixed media“ because I often combine original artwork and digital elements查看完整简介


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Aug 20 2019

At Advocate-Art, we pride ourselves in being a diverse agency, not just through the different artistic styles we represent, but