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Beatrice Tinarelli

Beatrice Tinarelli

Beatrice was born and raised in Bologna, Italy where she still lives and works as a freelance illustrator, author, and visual artist. After completing her degree in Fine Art Painting, she continued to study Medical Illustration and Animation. In 2016, after 15 years of experience as a graphic designer in advertising, she became a full-time freelance illustrator and now works primarily in the children’s illustration industry. Beatrice will have her first book as an author/illustrator published by Emme Edizioni, in late 2022. She lives with a sassy, chubby, black cat named Lapo, who often appears in her works, sometimes as the star, sometimes as the photobomber. Music is an integral part of Beatrice’s personal and professional life, and since the age of 19, she has been a DJ constantly growing her vinyl collection.查看完整简介


Sep 18 2023