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Carlo Molinari

Carlo Molinari

Carlo Molinari was born in Santeramo, Italy, where he grew up and now lives. All his life, he's had a passion for comics, especially those drawn realistically in a personal style. He began his education at the Liceo Artistico and went on to study painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bari. He is inspired by the work of comic authors, like Sergio Toppi, Dino Battaglia and Attilio Micheluzzi, and by that of painters like Paul Gauguin, David Hockney and Lucien Freud. He likes to experiment with new media and with drawing the human figure. As far as working on the computer goes, he likes the different possibilities that each item of software has. He has worked with airbrush, acrylic colours, oil painting, pastel and other media. He likes to experiment and to play and does so with new digital media. In his spare time, he dances Argentine Tango. If he weren’t an artist, he would be a handyman, actor or dancer. Alternatively, he would be a character from a Moebius or Micheluzzi comic strip. He likes to listen to jazz, rock and classical while he works and taught himself English purely by using computer software查看完整简介


Apr 17 2013