Fresh off the Press! Apr 26 2013


Ever since we sent our new Advocate MaG off to print, we've been champing at the bit waiting for them to arrive. Yesterday was the Big Day! On the brightest, warmest day of the year so far our shiny new MaGs arrived in the post! To match Jenny Wiscombe's summery cover we celebrated with Fab ice lollies. We were so excited we couldn't wait to share them with all our clients, so on went the radio and we got to work preparing them to be shipped out to their new homes. Keep an eye on your letterbox - one could well be winging its way to you soon! Our Advocate MaG is full of the latest trends, designs and artwork from our fantastic greetings card and art licensing illustrators. To see more work by them click on their name above or visit our website! You can also now download our greetings card artists folio from Advocate Art's homepage - just click on the 'Card Artist Folio' link under the search bar!