LaB - Advocate Authors feature 'Tiger' by Sophie Burrows Sep 20 2013

Meet the artists

Have you been following our LaB Blog, where Advocate Illustrators and Authors colLaBorate. Here's a Feature of one of the ideas, hot off the presses. Take a peek at Sophie Burrows new sample 'Tiger.'  It's a wonderful story of a little boy and his teddy bear who become detectives and investigate whether 'Ginger' is the family's new cat or a fierce tiger! Sophie's story and illustrations are a perfect recipe for the imagination of young children. If you would like to learn more about LaB or interested in seeing more of Sophie's exquisite tale 'Tiger' please contact:- [email protected] or check out our LaB blog   Who exactly is Ginger, the new cat that Mum and Dad have brought home? Well, that’s exactly what Ted and his owner need to find out. Our detective pair are soon on the trail of Ginger, checking out his teeth, his hunting habits and his sharp spiky claws. Could it be that Ginger isn’t really a cat at all?
This delightful story tells of a young boy teaming up with his favourite bear to investigate the family’s new cat. Sophie Burrows’ magical illustrations are perfect for this tale of discovery and teamwork, blended with the vivid imagination of a young child. Young readers can make up their own mind about who Ginger really is – a little pussycat or a fierce tiger. And what about nextdoor’s dog...? Advocate Art and Advocate Authors are so proud to see Sophie's amazing story transform a dream into a reality, you can Check out a Copy of the Blad at Frankfurt Book Fair at Stand B111.