New LaB titles from Advocate Authors Oct 21 2013

Meet the artists

If you are unfamiliar with Advocate LaB, please let me introduce you. Growing from the success of Advocate Art, LaB aims to promote excellent children’s literature across all genres from picture books and chapter books, to activity titles and board books. Over the years many of our talented illustrators have come to us with their own stories. LaB was founded as a channel to develop and promote these ideas. Our experienced design and editorial team nurture these into a reality – with the publisher adding the final magic! Our illustrators are passionate about their ideas and we hope you will be too.We are not a literary agency. We are not a packager. We are LaB. Our aim is simple – we want to help bring books to the market that will inspire children and help instil in them a lifelong love of learning and reading. We work with some of the most talented and creative illustrators and authors around from many different countries and cultures.  We want to give them a chance to tell their story! If you are not familiar with what we are doing with our advocate authors, we have taken the opportunity of dual blogging the latest from our frankfurt offerings, showing you some of our newest ideas. If you would like more information or a blad, or to arrange a meeting with one of the agents contact [email protected]