Artist Feature: Jess Hibbert Nov 07 2013

Meet the artists

  Toot-doodle-doot-doot-dooooot! Today we have doodling delights from the dashing Jess Hibbert, who's cute yet contemporary greeting card illustrations are sweet as pie. Jess' textured, pastel creations are ideal for any event, and - as her portfolio demonstrates - she is capable of turning her hand to illustrating the ideal card for any special occasion. To see more work scroll down, where you can also read some more words from the lady herself! I was born in London, but we moved when I was a baby to the Romney Marsh, where I grew up surrounded by fields of sheep. My dad was an animator -  I grew up watching him draw for a living. When he was super-busy, trying to get a film finished, me and my three sisters were given sheets of animating paper and chisel-nibbed pens to occupy ourselves with. My daughter now has a drawing hanging on her bedroom wall that I did in 1989 when I was 7. It's of a cat. I haven't stopped drawing since. Until recently my day job has been working as an Art Editor on various national magazines. I did this for over a decade, working on some great titles with brilliant people. Throughout this time I was continuing to illustrate, getting pieces published in magazines and spending my spare time making bespoke prints and developing a range of greeting cards. I always start with a pen and paper, and I always end up in photoshop, obsessing over texture and colour. Since having my second baby, I've decided to concentrate on my real passion for illustration. We moved our family from Bristol where we lived for 11 years, to Hastings on the south coast. I am inspired by living by the sea and Hastings is a quirky and fun place to work and raise our family.