Artist Feature: Tom Radcliffe Nov 27 2013

Meet the artists

We were delighted to welcome new artist Tom Radcliffe into the Advocate HQ yesterday to pour over his latest work and ideas. A mesmerizing mix of intricate line and texture we are thrilled to have him on board. For a snippet of his portfolio and a few words from the man himself we wanted to jump at the opportunity of featuring him on the blog

I have always been scribbler, being the bane of many a wall at my parents house armed with my crayons from a very young age. At a later age I graduated to drawing upon paper and found myself studying art at college which led to a degree in Tee-side and finally a masters degree at Cambridge college of art,  and now I have all but put an end to my wall scribbling ways. For inspiration I find the animated works of Studio Ghibli second to none for there delicate yet powerful storytelling. I also find the intricate and ludicrous machinations devised in the work of William Heath Robinson a real treat for the eye. Other influences on my work include Carter Goodrich, Edward Gorey, Maurice Sendak and Mobius(The French illustrator, not the fellow from the Matrix.) I would say on the whole the style of my work comfortably resides with in the traditional realm as I typically line and render in pencil, then add colour with watercolours , inks and/or coloured pencils with some tweaks within photoshop for good measure. That being said, my more recent works have featured far more use of the plethora of photoshop delights, mainly for adding and enhancing textures. I have a tendency to draw pigs or robots when I should really be drawing other things... a 'pig-robot' or 'pig-bot' is the next natural step I feel.