LaB - Writers & Artists Collaborate Dec 10 2013


If you're not familiar with what we're currently doing at LaB, then let me take this opportunity of bringing you up to speed. We frequently dual blog ideas and upcoming titles/ publications and ideas on the Advocate and LaB blogs showcasing the talented advocate authors. LaB aims to promote excellent children’s literature across all genres from picture books and chapter books, to activity titles and board books. Over the years many of our talented illustrators have come to us with their own stories. LaB was founded as a channel to develop and promote these ideas. Our experienced design and editorial team nurture these into a reality – with the publisher adding the final magic! Our illustrators are passionate about their ideas and we hope you will be too. We are not a literary agency. We are not a packager. We are LaB. Our aim is simple – we want to help bring books to the market that will inspire children and help instil in them a lifelong love of learning and reading. We work with some of the most talented and creative illustrators and authors around from many different countries and cultures.  We want to give them a chance to tell their story! Today's Teaser comes from the popular Children's illustrator/Author Tom Bonson, who is currently working with the team here developing his title "Trevor the Troll"  Did you know that for quite a while we have had trolls living amongst us?  You may find this news a little shocking, but they’re not as bad as you might think.  You see, trolls are very good at hiding, all of them except one… Trevor the troll is VERY bad at hiding, so bad in fact, that all the other trolls make fun of him.  Danny, on the other hand, is a boy who is excellent at hiding… from bullies.  When Trevor and Danny meet they not only teach other valuable life skills but they also form a fantastic friendship, which brings harmony between trolls and humans.