Artist Feature - Daniela Massironi Sep 01 2014

Meet the artists

It's the first day of September which means Summer is over but don't let that get you down! Prepare for all things cute and cuddly in our collection today by the very talented graphic designer and illustrator, Daniela Massironi. Allow her work to banish those Monday blues and bring a smile to your face with her simple but beautiful creations for children's magazines and books. I was born in a small town close to Milan in 1984, and I grew up in another smaller town with my family, mum, dad, two younger sisters and many animals. I think I have always loved drawing. Since I was really little I liked to invent stories with my images. I remeber that I was always sketching and doodling on any kind of surface, even tissue (and toilet!) paper. As I grew up I decided to follow my passion and I studied Graphic Design at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, where I graduated in 2007. In 2008 I decided to move to London where I got an MA at London College of Communication. London has been really important in my life, it is where I learned to do things all by myself and where I realised that my dreams of working in children publishing and illustration could become a reality. In 2009 I got a job at Egmont UK as a graphic designer for children books. There I got the amazing opportunity to publish my first books, all Illustrated by myself! I can’t be more grateful for that! In 2012 I have decided to move back to the “Motherland”. I am now living in Milan, where I juggle between working as a graphic designer for children magazines and developing my illustration career. My style has been really influenced by my graphic design training. I work digitally, mostly with Illustrator. I am still learning about what I like and what I can improve in my illustrations, but I think I really love very clean shapes, bright colours and very cheerful and cute little faces all around. Yes, the most important thing for me is to draw something cute, which makes you want to smile, very easily and spontaneously. What I love the most is staying home all day drawing, in my teeny-tiny flat with my lovely fluffy cat Happy, listening to my favourite music. I love doing this job and what would make really happy is knowing that people smile, even for a moment, when they are looking at my illustrations.