Artist Feature - Sandra Rodríguez Aug 06 2015

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We have a brilliantly fun and quirky selection of traditional illustrations to share today, courtesy of Advocate artist, Sandra Rodríguez! Sandra's expressive characters are brought to life through her strong line work and clever use of colour, both of which makes her portfolio perfect for young readers and children's book publications. 

HOLA , I am a Mexican artist living in London with my lovely husband , our fantastic 8 year old manager and the most awesome pet rats Snow and Sky … heyyy don't say EW,…thats rude! I started drawing when I was about 11 I actually wanted to write a diary but I was afraid someone could read it , so drawing was like my secret diary!

I found my inspiration in simple everyday life , people walking their dogs , children playing in the park , school run …

The most important thing for me in my work is to be able to transmit emotions and movement , that is why my favourite technique is water colours. I love the strength, the spontaneity and most of all how the colours blend. In my free time I love traveling and learning languages I have lived in Mexico city , Rome, Madrid, and London! If I wasn't and illustrator I would be working as an Aerial dancer in a circus ! Ta dah!