Artist Feature - Paco Sordo Sep 08 2015

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Our featured artist today is a great illustrator who brings a fun and humorous touch to his portfolio. Paco Sordo's quirky illustrations are brought to life through his playful character designs and rich textures; ideal for 5 yrs - young adult book publications! You can see more brilliant artwork in his online portfolio.

I'm an illustrator from Spain with ten years of experience.

I'm especialized in the animation, children illustration and comic fields. As an animation artist I´ve worked in productions for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, BBC and Rovio. As an illustrator and comic artist I've been working in two of the most importants spanish language comic and satirical magazines “El Jueves” and “Orgullo y Satisfacción”.

I'm based in Madrid now, but I've been living in UK, Ireland, France and Argentina in the last ten years. (Thanks to the internet and the possibility of working from anywhere. I love you, internet!)

I love reading and pizza. Everytime I visit a new city, my main goal is finding the best pizza in town.