New LaB Idea - Liza Lewis Feb 22 2019

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New LaB idea alert! The very talented Liza Lewis recently wrapped up writing and illustrating a new story idea with Collaborate, and we have to say it’s superb!

Will you Learn with Me? 1, 2, 3 is a great little book that encourages you to count to ten in both French and English. 1, 2, 3 is a colourful introduction to a learning a new language, which has fun novelty elements and the potential to create a series. The book is lovingly illustrated and incorporates lots of bright colourful animals and their modes of transport - readers will be surprised how many Rhinos (or Rhinocéros) can fit in an ice-cream van, for example.  Additionally, the reader will get to meet loads of fun quirky characters on the way, including one big elephant on a skateboard and five snapping crocodiles in a car.  When you get to 10, all of your favourite animals get together in a big red double decker bus!  All the characters are hidden behind a flap. See if you can count them all!

Liza Lewis’s love of anthropomorphic animals in vehicles inspired this story, and seemed like the perfect opportunity to marry together her passion for language and illustration. All of her favourite animal characters are included in this book, with the intention that their inclusion will make learning a new language fun and stimulating.

Liza spent her childhood in Belgium and learnt to speak French at a young age, which sparked her interest in languages. She has also tried teaching her own children French and has found through this process a few very useful (and fun!) books to use as learning tools. Additionally she worked as an after school French teacher, and this experience taught her how critical it is to keep readers engaged in a subject, leading to the creation of 1,2,3. This title would be perfect for children’s publishers, specifically those looking for 0-5 aged readers.

Want to hear more about the 1, 2, 3 story idea? Please reach out to one of our agents! Liza also has previously worked with Collaborate studio on two titles, Things that Go Fast & Slow and Things That Go High & Low, which were published by Tiny & Tim. Both were extremely successful, and the combination of Liza and Collaborate working together has been nothing short of stellar. Certainly, there next endeavour together isn’t one to be missed. See above for images of their previous two titles.

If you’d like to hear about more story ideas by our other artists, we would love to schedule a meeting with you to share! Shoot an email to one of our agents to find out more and book an appointment with us.