Meet our European manager Ghislaine! Apr 12 2019


For our newest blog feature, we’ve been talking with our European manager Ghislaine who runs Advocate Art SL from our new office in Marbella, Spain, and travels all over Europe to meet with our customers. Check out some of the photos for her latest business trip in Belgium, and have a read through below!


Ghislaine studied Graphic Design before moving to the UK to specialise in Illustration. She joined Advocate 4 years ago and has seen her career as an agent thrive in that time. Ghis is fluent in French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and English, most of these languages were self taught and improved over time by immersing herself in different cultures and being around locals.

The main focuses of an agent are to market and promote the illustrators, negotiate deals, brief specifications and contracts, schedule and make sure the work is excellent and delivered on time. As agents, we pride ourselves in having good quality artwork, rather than quantity. Our jobs take us across the continents, finding the work for all these fantastic artists we represent, it is our number one priority, and what drives us. 

Advocate creates a bridge between our clients and our illustrators, and with our new Spanish branch we have broken the language barrier and launched all our international artists in the European, South American and Middle Eastern market.


We handle all the technicalities so the artists can focus on being creative in a problem free environment and producing their best work, we research the market and make sure everyone's work stands out. An illustrator's portfolio is their calling card, it needs to tell a story and show strong pieces, and agents are here to feed back and help develop that body of work that will get commissions. We take pride in the fact that we represent pre-vetted artists, with positive attitudes and show passion in their work. It’s what makes a project come alive!


Lastly, we wanted to find out from Ghislaine what advice she would give to artists as a representative and creative herself:

“It’s all about being unique, standing out from the crowd and being confident in your abilities, putting your own spin on the things you create, and being passionate and enthusiastic about your work. It usually takes a few months before getting that big project that will take you to the next level but when you are starting as a freelancer, focus on the quick wins to keep you motivated, keep creating, sending new work and trust your agent! It won't be long before you get the first win. I would always encourage all artists to pop into their local card or book shops to see what’s out and about. You never know, something might inspire you and be the foundation of some truly stunning illustrations!”